Living In Montana: What Are The Advantages

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Montana is a popular destination for people who decide to move. It is one of the states with the least dense population. The rate of those moving in is about twice higher than those moving out of Montana. Since the place does not have much of a population, there is so much room for growth. Montana is a great option for all age brackets. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 choose to move here because it is rich in outdoor activities. Elderly people also want to live in Montana because of its amazing recreation areas. Aside from these reasons, there are many reasons why a lot of people opt to live in this state full of treasures.

Cost of living

Compared with most states, the cost of living in Montana is much more affordable. The cost of living index is only 2.8% higher than the average national percentage. That makes it one of the states with the lowest cost of living around the United States. Prices for homes for sale Whitefish MT are usually 23% higher than the median home cost in the country. Groceries are more expensive by only 8%. Healthcare, transportation, and utilities also cost a lot cheaper than most states. Another great thing is that there is no sales tax here.

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Job market

Although Montana is the fourth largest state, its population is only over a million. Most of the jobs in this state are in big cities. Rural areas have job openings for those ready to work in agriculture or construction. Majority of people in Montana prefer to live in cities and work in well-known industries. Popular ones are healthcare, education, and government. The unemployment rate here is around 4% and you can expect a wage of at least $8.30 per hour. Healthcare specialists, engineers, and architects receive the highest salaries in Montana.


The big area and difference in elevation causes the varying climate in Montana. It is semi-arid continental in general but mountain peaks at an altitude of 13,000 feet can be snowy even in summer. The eastern part of the state experiences four seasons throughout the year. The average temperature in winter is 28 degrees Fahrenheit while in summer it can go as high as 84 or more. The average precipitation per year is only 15 inches. Cold winds from Canada are quite common in the area.

Aside from those reasons, Montana also offers excellent education and healthcare. Most of the local population has a car. It is not easy to move from one place to another in this very big wide-open state but there is little traffic. Tax rates, such as income tax and property tax, are rather low.

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