Functions of Dopamine: How It Can Affect you?

Functions of Dopamine

Dopamine functions are many to count on. Dopamine is very famous neurotransmitter that works on your brain. Whenever you are looking to learn about neuroplasticity and depression or neuroscience, dopamine comes in the discussion. Without dopamine, you will be un-human, as it is key force behind our actions & interpersonal relationships. Suppose you want to know some important roles that dopamine plays in your life, here is the list of some different ways that this kind of neurotransmitter can affect your life.

What is Dopamine?

It is one molecule that is naturally produced by our body, and it is one main substance behind our biggest secrets and dreams. Dopamine means love, lust, motivation, infidelity, femininity, attention, learning & addiction. Dopamine is like the chemical messenger of our brain that is known as the neurotransmitter and is also responsible to send signals from central nervous system. This is what allows the information to get passed on from different neurons.

Dopamine in the brain effects depend on some different factors as well as is influenced by other kinds of neurons combined with. The scientists thought that the substance was linked to the real pleasure, and pleasure that we have experienced. But, it is argued that the level of dopamine is related to the anticipatory pleasure & motivation.

Dopamine and attention

Dopamine for movement

Main structure in the brain that controls different bodily movements is basal ganglia. For the basal ganglia to work at its peak efficiency, this relies on secretion of the specific quantity of dopamine from the neighboring neurons. If enough of dopamine does not reach basal ganglia, then voluntary motions might get delayed and uncoordinated that is very common in the Parkinson’s disease. But, if basal ganglia get too much of dopamine, it can cause your body to make some unnecessary movements, especially repetitive tics, which are the common symptom for Gilles de la syndrome.

Dopamine and memory

The important part of brain linked with the higher ordered thinking, and dopamine secretions will help to improve the working memory. Dopamine here are very delicate so slight increases and decreases to its normal amount will cause the memory to suffer. As dopamine affects the memory, it affects the learning processes and retaining information.

Dopamine and attention

It enables you to stay focused and pay more attention. Dopamine works by reacting to the vision (optic nerves) that causes you direct the attention to specific task and activity.

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