Tuttee IGCSE Physics Course Will Exceed Your Expectations

Physics can be thought of as a mathematical extension and implementation with more physical elements like gravity and motion weaved in. Compared to chemistry and biology, the amount of stuff is the least. A few ideas or concepts must be remembered, but they can all be broken down into the appropriate equations and formulae in the end. To solve the presented scenario, you must grasp how the formulae are obtained and when to use them in the exam. Tuttee will make you understand how to break down and reduce the problem and how to tackle each section individually. To solve any physics problem, you’ll need a clean head.

What do they offer you? 


Each session lasts about two hours, during which time each of our students will be given an individual follow-up. They will go through each topic in depth-first, exploring and explaining the concepts and major principles underlying it. They will then go over a few tough questions taken from previous igcse physics test papers to ensure that each student understands and is comfortable with the proper strategy and structure for each chapter.

Apart from studying the topics in private courses, they will assign homework to their students consisting of topic-specific questions from previous papers for review and practice. As a result, they can continue to study from the chapters throughout the week, apply the concepts, and become familiar with the exam format.

Over 10,000+ questions with thorough explanations and a grading scheme are available on their online question bank platform.


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