The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Co-Working Space

A co-working space or a collaborative workspace is a physical office space that’s shared with other individuals or small companies. The tenants in the co-working space are usually independent professionals or start-ups who cannot afford to rent expensive office spaces on their own. This is the newest trend and it makes more workspaces available for the growing community of freelancers and entrepreneurs who rely on these spaces for their work. Work is the life that doesn’t require them to hide behind closed doors on their own.

Co-working space is for people who want quiet workspaces

Co-working spaces are a new phenomenon in the United States, but they are not new. The original co-working space was the nineteenth-century shared office. What is different about contemporary coworking space hong kong is that they are consciously and deliberately based on certain principles of community building, and this makes them a lot more interesting than shared offices have been in the past. A traditional shared office is a place where people pay for the privilege of working by themselves in an otherwise empty room. There is no common area other than maybe a kitchen or a bathroom, which is usually designed so that there’s no place to sit down or hang out.

 A rare few might be decorated with funky furniture and pictures on the wall, but that’s it. The idea behind co-working spaces is to create an environment in which people who work together can also enjoy being together. This means creating opportunities for conversation as well as for private work and providing lots of common areas where people can hang out even if they’re not working at that moment. In some cases, these common areas will be divided into smaller rooms with doors, for example- for meetings or classes but there will still be plenty of places to sit down just to talk or work or play games together.


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