Data center service for your IT infrastructure

If your company is growing well and your current server room exceeds its limits in space, cooling, power requirements, it’s the right time to turn towards data center service or colocation. Big MNCs that have their own data centers are also turning to other platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google for data centers because it is affordable. You can utilize your space after shifting your server room for other means and increasing the corporation’s IT operation.

What are data center services?

A Datacenter service means a collection of services required to perform all the data center operations. The data center service provider will be responsible for data storage, data backup & recovery if data breaches happen, networking, and your IT operations.

There is another service that a commercial data center provides is colocation services – as the name suggests, it means a location shared by companies and that provides a physical space for your IT hardware with all the facilities needed, like cyber security, proper monitoring, cooling down the server, and data management. Colocation services are best for businesses expanding their business and looking for space for their IT hardware at affordable prices.

Where to find Colocation Services in Hong Kong? 

The status of colocation services Hong Kong – Currently, there are 117 data centers in Hong Kong, and most of them are opened at Tsuen Wan. Hong Kong’s technology sector is growing rapidly, and so is the need for data center colocation services.

According to the Datacenter map report, the top colocation data center is:

The report is based on market trends of 2021.

  • TELEHOUSE Hong kong – 1
  • ACME Cloud Centre
  • 11 Kin Chuen Street
  • China Mobile International
  • 33 Chun Choi


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