Idle Heroes Tips and Tricks that you should follow

If you’re new to the fast-rising mobile multiplayer role-playing game (RPG) Idle Heroes, then the first thing you did was search for the best strategies and tips that you can use in your first few gaming sessions.

It’sessential to know that you always have a hard time figuring out the things that you should do because of the wide array of options the game offers, and you even probably unaware about some of the features that will be useful to you and to your preferred character.

Idle Heroes Tips

To help you out, here are some useful tips as well as recommendations that are listed below to get through the game effectively and build your all-star hero team quickly.

  • Earn a five-star hero easily- There are many ways that you can earn a five-star hero which all requires effort and hours of gaming.However, there is a certain way that you can earn one even before you reach level 30. You can earn a five-star hero in a few seconds after the game started by registering your email address where you’re not required to link your email or social media accounts anymore. All you need to do is to provide an email address, set your password, and you will be presented a five-star hero from the challenge menu of the game.
  • Disassemble all your low-star heroes- After you have successfully set up a team of at least four-star heroes for your next battles, you should get rid of your remaining lower-star heroes that are levels one to three in your roster despite the fact that you can reach the last level.You can continue to win these low-level heroes; however, it’s pointless because it will only takea minimal progress on your level experience. If you disassemble lower-star heroes, you will be granted soul shard stones, which can be used to buy five-star heroes.
  • Skip the arena battles- Even though arena battles are very fun for fighting with other players and earn exciting prizes, but it can also be tedious to play more than a single arena game in a row. Each of the matches takes about two minutes, and after a while, you will surely get bored staring at your screen, which is why you should skip the battle and view the results of it.

Idle Heroes

  • Connect with a friend- Finding a friend in Idle Heroes is relatively easy because you’re not required to link your social media account to your gaming account. Instead, you can use the friendship summon feature just by tapping on the friend’s button on the left side of your screen on the main menu to check out the list of players that are also looking for friends in the game. In addition to making it easier to make friends,the players in the game do not hesitate to connect with you and accept your friend request and earn as much as thirty friends’ to play in the game.
  • Strengthen your heroes- Just like other multiplayer online role-playing games, Idle Heroes’ characters should be strengthened by leveling them up and improving their tiers as well as their stats by using guild tokens that you can earn depending on your performance and daily rewards or special rewards that you earn by joining events in the game.