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It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Nike Dunk High AC, but the Blazer-Swooshed, vulc-soled take on the classic basketball hightop is back with a new colorway coming up soon. This one is atypical of the AC Dunks we’ve seen to date by using a patent leather overlay, a glossy contrast as compared to the more classically oriented ACs we’ve seen before. They also use a new color in the Dark Armory Blue, so it’s safe to say this is unlike any previous Dunk High AC; will they be joined by other colors as Nike Sportswear is wont to do? Stick with Sneaker News to find out and check out some more images below in the meantime.

Nike Sportswear pulls a common thread through summer 2013 Blazer Mid ’77 and vulc-soled Dunk High releases. Not only does the Nike Dunk High AC borrow the Blazer’s belly Swoosh and autoclaved outsole, but this Air Jordan 1-ish colorway also utilizes a multicolor zig-zag pattern on its tongue tag the likes of which you’ll see on some about-to-drop ’77s. The key here is making subtle twists to old favorites to keep them fresh, and it worked as you’ll see in more images below and at NSW retailers like Titolo.The latest Nike Dunk High AC demonstrates how important color selection can be, even in the context of a single blocking template.

This autoclaved Dunk High is done identically to the Air Jordan 1-leaning edition we saw a short while ago, but thanks to the Photo Blue and Khaki combo, these lean closer to the Blazer Mid ’77s with which they share the multicolor zig-zag pattern than MJ (or the potential UNC look from a softer blue). Click through for more views of this March 2013 release and stick with Sneaker News for word on US availability.The Nike Dunk High AC returns for 2013 with the first new colorways since November’s multicolor VNTG pack. These are more traditional in their approach to colorblocking but still have a connection to Nike Sportswear’s Vintage Blazer Mid thanks to the use of a zig-zag tongue tag that echoes detailing on at least two forthcoming ’77 Mids.