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Nike (NYSE:NKE) today announced Nike SPARQ Training, its most comprehensive performance training launch ever, combining a relationship with SPARQ, high performance products, online experiences at, a new association with Velocity Sports Performance Centers, and a multi-media campaign called “My Better.”The centerpiece of Nike’s efforts is SPARQ which stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. It offers dynamic performance training designed to make young athletes better on game day. With a mouse click, download, or visit to a training center, Nike SPARQ Training gives athletes access to premium equipment, performance training experiences and over 750 certified trainers.In the last two years, more than 44,000 athletes from 2,000 teams across 38 states were SPARQ tested. A “SPARQ Rating” enables athletes to track their progress, measure improvement and benchmark against other athletes worldwide. Since 2004, more than 200,000 official SPARQ Ratings have been registered.

“Nike SPARQ Training is a quantum leap forward in helping athletes perform better in their chosen sport,” said Joaquin Hidalgo, Nike’s Vice President of Global Marketing. “Young athletes can set goals, rate themselves and track their progress. We are transforming the sports landscape with these new products and comprehensive training experiences.”Designed exclusively for Nike SPARQ Training, Nike introduces a new line of footwear, apparel and equipment.The footwear includes the Nike Air Zoom SPARQ TR Elite, Nike Air SPARQ TR, and the Nike SPARQ Test Pro, a shoe already being used in competitive combines. The Nike Air Zoom SPARQ TR Elite and Nike Air SPARQ TR both feature an extremely low profile. The Elite is Nike’s lightest, most responsive training shoe ever. Nike designers incorporated a thinner Nike Zoom Air bag which allows an athlete’s foot to get closer to the ground, increasing the feel of each cut and push-off during training.

Each shoe also has a ventilated cooling system and outsoles designed to obtain the best lateral traction on multiple surfaces like turf, hardwood, and rubber matting.Nike unveiled Nike Pro Core, a new performance base layer featuring industry-leading dynamic fit, superior technical fabric and engineered construction for increased comfort. All Nike Pro apparel features moisture management and superior durability, anchoring Nike’s collection of dynamic athletic training apparel.To develop Nike’s SPARQ product lines, designers worked closely with Nike athletes such as World Series Champion Red Sox outfielder, Jacoby Ellsbury, to create the ultimate in versatile training products.In addition, a complete line of performance training equipment includes the innovative SPARQ Agility Web. It is a newly designed modular ladder system that will transform how athletes train for speed, and is an integral part of the Nike SPARQ product offerings to help all athletes train to become quicker and more explosive.