Air Max command black

Along with its other French counterpart the Nike Air Max 1 “France”, the Nike Air Classic BW “France” also has received some new photos. Both sneakers are apart of Nike’s soon to be released  Nike Air Max Camouflage Collection. Like all the other sneaks in the collection, the Nike Air Classic BW has the French flag etched into its insole.

Like its AM1 mate, the Air Classic BW also is composed of a dark green and brown woodland like camouflage. The camo print is laid completely over the entire Nike runner. Under the print is Nike’s patented engineered mesh as well as its lightweight hyperfuse technology. And in classic Air Max fashion the shoes have the bubble unit in the back of the midsole. The news is that these will be releasing soon so keep an eye out for further information.

 Filfury has taken the phrase “dressed to kill” to a whole nother level. The artist has taken the Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air Classic BW and built a baretta and uzi out of them. What sounds like it would be slightly jovial actually comes off as sinister with the shape of the weapon overpowering the suede and mesh silhouettes that we have all come to know and love. Check out the gallery above and when you are done check Filfury’s site for the rest of his work.