Air Max knoxville

Curious about what’s going down on Air Max Day 2016? We already know Nike has Air Max Con in the works in three major cities, but in terms of special-edition sneaker releases, the brand has stayed mum – until now. Today, Nike unveils the Air Max “City Collection” exclusively for women; it features the Air Max 90 Ultra (Shanghai), Air Max 1 Ultra (Paris), Air Classic BW (London), Air Max Thea (NYC), and the Air Max Zero (Toyko). Each pair features distinct color combinations as well as textured graphic prints adapted from each individual city. Each pair of the 2016 “City Collection” has its own unique release date; it starts with the Air Max 90 Ultra on March 16th, and ends with the Air Max Zero on March 26th, Air Max Day. Get a thorough view of all five pairs just below and let us know which of the give you’re looking forward to the most.

You’ve seen the Nike Air Max BW a thousand times before, especially in the iconic “Persian Violet” colorway, and know it’s one of the all-time classic running models from the brand, but do you know what that “BW” actually stands for? If you aren’t already well-versed in your Air Max history and know the answer, the BW is short for “Big Window”, a simple reference to the visible Air window, which was slightly larger than its predecessor, the Air Max 90. Designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1991, the Nike Air BW (“Air Max” was never in the shoe’s original official name, despite saying it on the back of the heels) quickly became a popular option for both distance runners and those just looking for a clean and stylish pair of sneakers—favored most notably by R&B and rap stars in America and the UK.

From the OG “Persian Violet to the sought-after Stash collab, the Air Max Classic BW, as it’s now called, has been a staple in Nike’s retro catalog throughout the years, and now it’s back again for another run in 2016. The original construction in Persian Violet returns alongside an ‘Ultra’ reworking of the famous silhouette, featuring a modified, lighter construction in modern colorways. The BW’s big season begins March 3rd with the release of the Air Max BW Ultra, and then the OG version in Persian Violet drops March 8th. Enjoy a look at Tinker’s original design sketches of the BW and the 2016 retro in full detail below.