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Tupac frequently wore overalls, which became one of his favorite looks for the 90s. From this image at the First Annual Minority Motion white nike air max Picture Awards Los Angeles you can ‘Pac rocking a stripe -sleeve with baggy denim overalls and a stripe hat. He also kept it stylish with the beeper hanging the front overall pocket on the left side. This look gives ‘Pac one of the best denim moments fashion. Tupac rocked the classic look 1996 for official video for Rappers Ball with E-40, Too Short & K-Ci. Here’s ‘Pac during a Reising & photo shoot 1994, wearing a button-up laced gold jewels and of course we can’t forget about the standout frames. ‘Pac is seen here with the Notorious B.I.G wearing one of his most infamous looks: the Thug Life beanie, a skull tee and a leather vest, resembling a biker look Tupac and the bullet proof vest became a huge thing and of course, it became a signature for him the 90s. white nike air max The night ‘Pac was shot and killed he allegedly refused to wear his bullet proof vest because it was too hot. ‘Pac is seen this image wearing a bullet proof vest, black bandana and designer Moschino belt. Here’s ‘Pac a promo ad shoot 1993 wearing the Air IX with icy all-white track suit and black bandana. Tupac wore a Karl Kani sweatsuit for interview on the movie set of for the magazine 1993. ‘Pac was known to wear a slew of Karl Kani his time, a brand heralded as pioneering urban fashion. Tupac once again frequently wore overalls and with his creativity, he created his own original denim piece with THUG LIFE on the stomach . He’s seen here wearing it with a stripe beanie and hoodie underneath. Here’s Tupac Milan, Italy for a tour of fashion shows, where he attended ‘s fashion show and also walked and performed California Love for the people 1996. He white nike air max rocked a velvet suit. Honorable Mention looks: Tupac a Fedora hat with vest and a single gold necklace out with Suge Knight and friends Vegas. ‘Pac Camo attire, seen leaving event. Tupac 1992 a stylish Timberland jacket, seen the ‘s Got A Baby video. Tupac laced out a tuxedo with Fedora and gold cross chain. Tupac at the premiere 1993, wearing a herringbone a Karl Kani outfit with a black beret. Last but not least, we can’t forget the iconic moments when ‘Pac rocked the Grant Hill FILAs and made them the must-have sneaker of the time.